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  • You're a stereotypical Mustang asshole! I allowed u to pass me, however when u received ahead of me, u slowed down to the same speed as the auto in the right lane ahead of me, & the traffic in the left lane ahead of u was disappearing in the sunset! I KNEW that if I attempted to pass u on the right, that u would speed up & retain me from passing... Yeah - I know ur type! So, I gave my right signal & moved above to the right... & I jammed on the gas! Just as I suspected, u fled up, however u underestimated me. By the time u realized u was being passed, it was as well late & u received passed! I slowed down to my original speed as we slowly went previous the slower traffic on the right. Continued in comments below:

    • Car Details: Gray FORD Mustang
    • Last Seen Location: Markham, Virginia, US
    Anonymous March 30, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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