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  • I cannot post the details in regards the vehicle, due to the fact that this moron was weaving in & out of traffic, tailgating, then passing on the right & cutting other operators off on the unlit Silver Strand at 5:30AM as well quickly to see the make & model. Just ur typical $8,000 auto with $5,000 worth of after-market plastic on it, & a coffee can for a muffler.1BAD2JZ? I guess there's not enough room on a licence plate to put, '1 PISS-POOR MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATOR'. You're gonna kill few someone en voyage enjoy that. I can 1 hope that u take yourself out without killing either injuring few someone else on the road.

    • Car Details: Unk OTHER Unk
    • Last Seen Location: Coronado, California, US
    Anonymous February 09, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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