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  • This newer neighborhood has 85 houses & their access road goes toward a older existing neighborhood street. They pull out from their road all the time w/o stopping at their stop sign. This morn the silver Infiniti pulls out barely slowing down enough to make the shift as I am coming their street. For my direction, there is no stop. It's a T crossing with me moving across the top of the T. But these new neighborhood operators might think they are as well important to stop. Then they fly down the older neighborhood road to the highway, as this guy did, much faster than the 35mpn limit with older houses left & right. Today I captured up to him, not by speeding, as a result of there was other vehicles standing by to shift toward the highway. I wish they would respect those of us who have lived here much longer than their newer development which was woods 1 a small years ago. Maybe u will tell class envy, however it's really not good en voyage behavior that operates my dislike for that newer area's residents. Have a nice day!

    • Car Details: silver INFINITI unknown
    • Last Seen Location: Pensacola, Florida, US
    Anonymous August 20, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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