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  • Where do I start? I finished up behind this beached sea turle doing the typical Idaho '5 mph' UNDER the dpeed limit on Lake Hazel. You then, not 1 drove really slow, however as well thought that en voyage on the shoulder was acceptable as well.When the speed limit increased to fifty u thought forty five would be ok.At the stop sign at Eagle road, u thought that perhaps u must wait for a enternity before going.Then, as u inched ur way up the gentle hill, u decided to perhaps do few sight seeing at forty in the 50mph zone!!Get a clue, jerk off!! THe gasoline pedal is on the right!! Use it!!!! Your Hyundai isn't moving to break. Or did u forget to feed the hamsters powering it. Or perhaps u couldn't afford the hamsters & bought the model with the turtles!!

    • Car Details: silver HYUNDAI Sonata
    • Last Seen Location: Meridian, Idaho, US
    Anonymous July 23, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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