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  • We've all been watching u at the office for two days now. Yesterday u parked illegally in the fire lane with ur dumb huge Envoy, so close to my friend's auto that she had to obtain in through the commuter side! I offered her my lipstick to write a nasty note to u on ur window. Today she parked somewhere else however there u are again in the fire lane as a result of u are SO much more important than anybody else around here. And you're AGAIN so close to the legally parked auto next to u they can't open their door. Tomorrow please do come back & park there again as a result of you'll obtain towed & we'll all be cheering at the windows!!

    • Car Details: Gold GMC Envoy
    • Last Seen Location: Quincy, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous March 06, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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