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  • I will apologize up front for a long post...This happened at in regards 5:45pm on 1/12/07. I had left work, drove directly across the road to go to the bank, it's a 4way intersection. One direction is a access way to businesses & to alternative street. One direction is to a single business, this is a north/south direction. The other is a east/west direction, has 2 lanes each direction & gets the greens at the same time except when the shift arrows are green. When the east/west is red the south facing gets the green to allow for the 1 business to allow individuals out then twists red & allows the north facing to go. If no 1 is leaving the single business the north facing will go green before the south facing will. Well I was finished at the bank & going from the south (facing north) to shift right. I was standing by at the light, there was traffic. I noticed few someone from my occupation leaving (she is notorious for not good driving) she couldn't go for 2 reasons: 1 the light was red & 2: there was traffic. She was facing me head on basically. When it turned green I went to go & the woman that I occupation with went & ran the red light & as well attempted to shift into my lane. This is not the 1st time she has run the red light. I was behind her the other time I had seen her do it. I'm certain she has done it before, most likely more than once....She must be flagged a hazard, but...Keep a watch out for her...

    • Car Details: grey/silver OLDSMOBILE Cutlass
    • Last Seen Location: Ft. Wright, Covington, US, Kentucky, US
    Anonymous January 13, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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