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  • I have witnessed this individual en voyage on few occasions. This individual & I should have the same schedule & general road into occupation & occupation in the same general area downtown. When I run into her is when she twists toward Locust Grove from Pine. From there, she twists toward Locust Grove toward Franklin where she then gets toward Eagle Road & the freeway. She is extremely impatient & does not operate the speed limit. If she is behind a motorist who is moving the speed limit, she will obtain up on the other driver's tail & flash her lights repeatedly. She is irradiant & weaves in & out of traffic on the freeway, attempting to obtain to her destination five seconds quicker than the other operators around her. The reason operators enjoy these frustrate me is as a result of they do not arrive at their destination all faster than I, who operates the speed limit & does not cut in & out of traffic.

    • Car Details: Grey TOYOTA
    • Last Seen Location: Boise, Idaho, US
    Anonymous October 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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