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  • On 3A South standing by in the right lane to obtain on entrance ramp for Rt.3. The line is always long & a lot individuals zoom up the left lane & then dive into the right lane just before the entrance ramp. This results in the wait in the right lane to be much longer for those of us that sit there all day & patiently wait to enter the ramp.Today this Audi attempted to squeeze into the right lane in front of me. The traffic was moving very slowly so I was able to retain very close to the auto in front of me. But this Audi just kept approaching above into my lane. I debated on whether I must allow him smash me either not & decided at the last instant to brake. We missed by in regards 2 inches. As soon as I saw him moving above I smash the horn & didn't release until I braked. He was completely willing to smash me to obtain toward the ramp.

    • Car Details: Silver AUDI A4
    • Last Seen Location: Hudson, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous April 13, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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