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  • You're a very talented person. We two was getting on I-285 at N. Peachtree. You passed few vehicles on the right & started to pass me on the ramp just as the right lane was ending. You thought u could intimidate me & force ur way past. Listen up, a Civic has no chance of intimidating a truck. I mean zero chance. You then move above 2 lanes to the left & pass me & then oooops, u almost missed ur exist. We two was 1 moving 1 exit & u come back & almost smash few someone else in the process. Then u didn't quite know how to use the double lane on ramp & I passed you. Then u floor it, move to the away left & start running close to eighty on P'tree Industrial Blvd. Keep doing that, the Doraville cops love that section of road. I encourage you, do it all day.

    • Car Details: Blue HONDA Civic
    • Last Seen Location: Doraville, Georgia, US
    Anonymous February 23, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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