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  • Drove previous a line of traffic standing by to make a left turn, then cut into a opening in front of me without using a shift signal. Blocked two lanes of traffic, his lane of traffic plus the 1 he pulled into. I tapped my horn at him, then he & his commuter started waving their arms. He opened his window & pointed at a sign that spoke 'do not block intersection,' which I was not doing. He seemingly interpreted this to mean that the space in front of me (that I was leaving open) can be old for operators to cut into & then make a left turn, rather of standing by his shift enjoy all else in line. Little did he realize that one time he performed this maneuver, he was absolutely blocking the intersection. He then stuck his head out his window, stuck his tongue out, & gave me the finger. So, I report you, impatient one.

    • Car Details: white OTHER Pick up truck
    • Last Seen Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous December 03, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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