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  • 10:45am on Thursday, March 6: This was in the Grass Valley / Nevada City area, 1st EB Highway 20, then NB Highway 49, then EB Highway twenty again after they split north of Nevada City. Looked enjoy a woman motorist however I can't be sure. Violations as follows: weaving within own lane... swerving toward the shoulder & the median... crossing completely above double yellow line on two-lane way almost causing a head-on collision... straddling two east lanes at the same time, continuously for a half mile... inexplicably varying speed between forty & seventy five MPH regardless of speed limit. I phoned CHP & gave them a description of the car, the plate number, & what the motorist was doing. They spoke they'd send few cruisers out to the area to glance for this car. I followed the auto for in regards 5-7 miles east of Nevada City on Highway 20, when the motorist started getting as well reckless for me to safely follow anymore. Hope CHP captured this dangerous motorist before he/she killed someone.

    • Car Details: FORD Thunderbird
    • Last Seen Location: Nevada County, California, US
    Anonymous March 06, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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