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  • You're a grade A, 1st class A$$HOLE. There was a school bus stopped in concord town, a auto behind that schoolbus, myself, & then a line of vehicles behind me. Like a total @sshole, u came flying down the brake down lane previous all of us. There was barely enough room for a bicycle between the snowbank & my car, however u made ur POS civic fit - almost ripping off my mirror & all the other vehicles in the line behind the school bus. You then continued to do 70+MPH straight through concord town. I captured up with u in E. Saint Johnsbury when u was stuck behind a line of traffic. Thankfully I had service on my mobile & was able to call the state cops & report ur @ss. Now I'm filing a wire on the internet for all to see. You must never, NEVER be allowed to drive. I hope the state cops find u & put the screws straight to ya - u deserve it.

    • Car Details: Teal HONDA Civic EX
    • Last Seen Location: Concord, Vermont, US
    Anonymous March 20, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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