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  • Observed this nice woman this morning, April 29, around 7:10am as I was standing by in line at the traffic light at 11th road on Southbound TC Jester. There was a long line of vehicles backed up in the two through lanes (the two right-hand lanes) & no 1 in the overflow (center) lane that ends shortly after the intersection. Just as the light turned green, this nice female pulled out of the middle right lane & flew through the crossing & cut to the front of the line in the through lanes. She did this on purpose & she's really not that 'nice' (I just tell that on Plate Wire) for doing that. In fact, it's quite rude. But anyway, so she naturally received captured at the next red light (Larkin St) behind traffic that included a school bus & she struggled in vain to make it into the middle lane to obtain around the traffic. Naturally, as a regular commuter on that road, I knew to stay out of the away left lane & I managed to cut back in front of her from the middle lane as I lined up to obtain back toward the east I-10 freeway. This angered her, apparently, so laid on her horn & pulled out of the line standing by to enter the highway & drove in regards alternative half block before cutting back in line to make the left turn. It's amazing how individuals can be so oblivious to the way they treat other operators yet so sensitive when they're treated in exactly the same way. Turnabouts fair play, nice lady, & u demand to learn to operate better. Cheers.

    • Car Details: Red DODGE Durango
    • Last Seen Location: Houston, Texas, US
    Anonymous April 29, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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