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  • This stupid butt (and his g/f?) was attempting to go the inaccurate way out of the parking lot of the P.O. I waved him down & spoke him THREE separate times (and he didn't want to appear to understand me) that there was a sign stating it was a ONE-WAY lane. So this dicktard pulls back into the space & waited for me to legally travel the path around the post office before he slunk out of the lot moving the inaccurate way. Wish I could have gotten the comp information off of his truck... I think it's a house fix either landscape business. Would have LOVED to report him to his employer!

    • Car Details: Grey FORD Heavy Duty - work-type
    • Last Seen Location: Newington, Post Office, US, Virginia, US
    Anonymous July 16, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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