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  • Passenger VAN owned by VSP Transportation out of Saugus. 128 South Wakefield. This crazy female was on my bumper in the right lane @ 60mph. So much so that I couldn't see her bumper. When she received frusterated enough with my 'slow' en voyage she whipped into the next lane. Had the gall to provide me the dirty look. Flew previous me & cut alternative motorist off to make a exit off exit 40. I as well exited on this ramp & saw her blow through a yeild sign almost taking out a guy on a motorcycle. Then continued tailgating down Salem St. in Reading. Honey if ur moving to be en voyage a 'billboard' perhaps u must not operate so erratically.

    • Car Details: Beige FORD E350 Van
    • Last Seen Location: Wakefield, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous April 06, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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