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  • Male motorcycle motorist with a woman rider at in regards 7:30pm couldn't wait his place in line of vehicles that just turned left at Rte 251 from Rte fifteen & passed above the double yellow line in the middle of the two lane road. I saw him pass the auto behind me & obtain back over, then when I glance again in my side mirror - there he is next to me! I had to go above the fog line (white line on the side) to put space between us to attempt to ensure HIS safety & that of his passenger. 1. Your on a bike, u won't win, EVER! 2. You put ur commuter at risk, needlessly! 3. I'm watching u now, rather of the road! You're making all bikers glance not good & you're example tonight was very dangerous to all (you, me, my passenger, ur passenger, ALL the other traffic on the road!) To all bikers: Ride safe! I'll do my part, however u received to do yours!

    • Car Details: ? OTHER Motorcycle
    • Last Seen Location: Rush, New York, US
    Anonymous June 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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