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  • 12:20pm on Friday, November 7: This was the many outrageous behavior I've seen on the way in a long time. This hothead did the following: 1) Passed two vehicles illegally on the right after the right lane had ended. 2) Cut off a Toyota Prius in front of me, without signaling. 3) Slammed on his brakes to attempt & obtain the Prius to rear-end him, after the Prius attempted to go around him on the left since this guy was hugging the shoulder enjoy he was moving to pull over. 4) Drove forty five in a sixty five on SB Highway 70, in a attempt to piss off the motorist of the Prius. (Hey, jerk: there was ten other vehicles behind that Prius who was as well pissed off just as a result of u felt enjoy playing 'Quien es mas macho'.) 5) When the Prius attempted to pass him 3 times as a result of he was 1 moving 45, he fled up to sixty five & forced the Prius back behind him again, where he promptly slowed back down to 45. Hopefully if he's suicidal, he'll make it a solo crash.

    • Car Details: HONDA Gold Wing
    • Last Seen Location: Sutter County, California, US
    Anonymous November 11, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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