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  • don't u understand? it means STOP! I was turning left toward colonial from Fowler..had a GREEN light, going back to work, when this moron decided to make a right on red (and didn't even stop) & pulled right out in front of me! i had beeped my horn when I saw them starting to shift in hopes that they would see me & stop, well they stopped right after they turned in the lane, causing me to crash on my brakes, as well as the individuals behind me. Finally after a small seconds they decided to go. u know it was not good enough that when I received to occupation that day I found my portable DVD player (that i use to listen to so the day goes faster) was stolen however then ur stupidity made the day even worse. so important lesson..RED EQUALS STOP!!

    • Car Details: white TOYOTA
    • Last Seen Location: fort myers, Florida, US
    Anonymous May 05, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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