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  • Traffic is congested at times on Hwy 101. Wonderboy in red Jaguar paced traffic beside a car moving away less than the speed limit while chatting with passengers in auto (really not paying all attention to the traffic, road, either anything else however his personal & immediate concerns not related to driving). When traffic could eventually pass him, he speeds up & cuts me off with 1 inches to spare when he realized he was no longer in front of all nearby cars passing & changing lanes dangerously. It seems we was moving in the same direction to the same town at the same time. It was a wonder to watch him play way games with individuals by tailgating, deliberating en voyage at a lower rate of speed in no passing lanes, & in general, being a jerk. It was easy to watch the butt in action as I cannot compete with a Jag in 1 en voyage my Jetta. Didn't want to attempt on Oregon Coastal Hwy 101. It was nice to ponder what he would have done if I had passed him in my V12 XJS, however in reality, why try...he would be as well involved with himself to understand. Jerk....

    • Car Details: red JAGUAR xj
    • Last Seen Location: Tillamook, Oregon, US
    Anonymous August 09, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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