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  • (License plate is the old green-lettered style (unavailable here)):I followed this piece of occupation on Route twenty West from Northborough all the way to Charlton (more than twenty miles) in heavy afternoon traffic, 4/3, between 6:10 & 6:35 PM. Any chance this guy either female had (don't know as a result of this individual was a close call for either), s/he passed individuals on the right, cut in & out of lanes with small room to spare, & (of course) NO SIGANLS. I witnessed at least ten lane changes of this fashion. S/he gained no ground as I captured up to him/her (it?) without all that not-so-fancy maneuvering. This type of individual deserves instant & permanent license revocation.

    • Car Details: Maroon CHRYSLER PT Cruiser
    • Last Seen Location: Northborough-Charlton, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous April 04, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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