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  • time 1130 am,place i-215 west bound,area of sugarhouse,hard cutt off on puropse to enter a freeway,by motorist of honda.My friend truck motorist just can be thankfull for reflex with foot on brake,so he avoided to smash hard,that honda,because MORON cutt him off so not good from right side,that my friend had to honk hard on moron motorist of honda.I hopr UHP & people of law enfrcement are moving to be aware as well as other motorists og hazardous-idiotical motorist with honda.Road was full of water,so i do not know hpw my friend managed to slowdown & avoided hard kick on honda.Couple inches in front of him was cutt off by Honda moron.date 06-06-07.

    • Car Details: black HONDA civic
    • Last Seen Location: salt lake city, Utah, US
    Anonymous June 06, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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