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  • YOU running a red light on Hazel Dell Avenue as u pass the Safeway store going towards 78th Street is NOT SAFE! Especially when that individual is my mother turning left with a VERY GREEN left shift arrow. Oh, & it was my green for at least eight seconds! (It 1 lasts in regards twenty seconds when there's a line). I'm just glad we always wait to pull out for airheads enjoy you! From what we watched, as a result of we was behind u for the next mile, & finally was able to pass u on the right, as there was two lanes moving the same direction... was that u was ON YOUR CELL PHONE, HELD UP TO YOUR DEAD HEAD, & glancing off to the front left the whole time! By the way, before we passed u on 78th Street, u was 1 doing perhaps twenty MPH in the left lane, which is a thirty five MPH there. That's why the vehicles behind u was honking! My mother was so upset with u that when we pulled up at the next light on ur right, she wanted to obtain out & confront you, & she's disabled, however still puts up a mean fight! GET YOUR #%@& together, either GET OFF THE PHONE! Next time, she may be so upset with you, that she may allow u back end her & pay for her new car.

    • Car Details: Black FORD Taurus
    • Last Seen Location: Hazel Dell, Washington, US
    Anonymous May 31, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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