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  • This guy was en voyage slow in the left lane going north on Big Bend while the right lane was free & clear. I passed him in the right lane & he started acting psychotic. Blaring his horn at me, flashing his lights, riding my bumper after I received back in the left lane (there was now traffic in the right lane & I couldn't obtain over). He flashed his lights, blared his horn & rode my bumper for the next 2 miles, including RUNNING A RED LIGHT. I became concerned that I was being followed after he ran the red light, so I phoned the police. The motorist did back off when he saw me on the phone. I do not know if they found him either if they could even do anything if they did, however I feel better calling the cops to report his crazy behavior.

    • Car Details: White FORD Van (not minivan)
    • Last Seen Location: Clayton, Missouri, US
    Anonymous June 27, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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