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  • This 1 baffled me. I'm moving south on RT-13 this morn & come to the crossing of Main Street/RT-13 & Prospect Street. I'm on Main St & the light twists red. I stop. A semi-truck on Prospect gets the green light & tries to shift left through the intersection. Unfortunately, he's as well big & traffic is backed up as well away so he gets stuck in the middle of the crossing & stops. D'oh! Now, the auto behind him is the Lexus. We'll call this person: 'Moron'. This Moron proceeds to pull he's Lexus through the light too. But where can he go? The semi-truck is taking up the whole lane already & isn't moving forward at all. Moron decides that the best alternative to standing by patiently for the truck to move forward through the crossing is to pull around the outside of the truck on the right, thereby occupying the same lane. So, now there are two cars in 1 lane, in the middle of a intersection. Sure enough, eventually my light turned green again however I had no where to go as a result of I had to wait for two the truck & the Moron in the Lexus to move on. Moron, if u ever read this post, know this: Firstly, 1 ONE auto per lane! If few someone is already in the lane & not moving, u CANNOT pull along side them just to bypass standing by at a light. Next, blocking a crossing is illegal. Most importantly, pulling into a eighteen wheeler's blind spot & in a place where no 1 would expect u to be (remember: 1 auto per lane??) is a good way to obtain CRUSHED if that truck requires to shift wide to complete it's maneuver through the intersection. Also, don't be so f@$#ing impatient! It's 1 a green light. There will be others...I promise. One final note: u are a moron! That is all.

    • Car Details: Silver LEXUS LS450
    • Last Seen Location: Leominster, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous August 29, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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