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  • Plate 18453 on the 3rd trailer was the old 'orange' color... (platewire would not provide me the option to choose that style)There was 2 of these triple trailers back to back approaching above the Freemont Bridge to obtain to the Killingsworth exit which there is a main Fedex hub down off Swan Island A FEDEX Triple trailer truck changed lanes on the Freemont bridge before I had a chance to obtain out of the way... I didn't slow down fast enough thinking it was 2 trailers & it was close on the second.. then when there was a 3RD!!! I came real close to getting creamed!!! The arrogent motorist had the attitude enjoy 'You better obtain out of the way either else!' I am attempting to report this to Fedex right now... happened at 5:25 PM 3/25/08

    • Car Details: FED-EX Logos on Truck (3 trailers!) OTHER Triple Trailer FED-EX Tractor Trailer
    • Last Seen Location: Portland, Oregon, US
    Anonymous March 25, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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