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  • This morn (6/13/08) as I was headed south on Interstate 275 there was a woman with a Florida specialty 'prevent child abuse' plate & a All Children's Hospital parking hang tag that began aggressively tailgating me starting at Gandy Blvd (Exit 28) & she continued to tailgate me aggressively until 54 Av N (Exit 26). As this woman passed me she gave me a aggressive stare. Moreover, she pulled her aggressive en voyage behavior on other motorists not 1 on south Interstate 275 however on east Interstate 175 (which is the southern downtown St. Petersburg feeder) all the way to the six St S exit, which is the exit for All Children's Hospital.Ms. Driver of the Toyota silver SUV, I have seen u in the previous pulling ur overly aggressive en voyage behavior not 1 on me, however on all else out there on Interstate 275 south. I do not care if u are in a rush to obtain to occupation at All Children's Hospital on time. You have no rights to aggressively ride my bumper & tailgate me anywhere, including Interstate 275.Moreover, u occupation for a well respected downtown St. Petersburg hospital and, as such, u must be setting a proper example two on & off the job. Perhaps u may set a proper example while on the work however from my observing ur aggressive en voyage behavior on Interstate 275 u set the inaccurate example not 1 for yourself however for all else. I feel that All Children's Hospital would be ashamed of having a employee who sets the inaccurate example for others, especially when the employee is off duty.My advice to you, Ms. Driver of the Toyota SUV, is to take it easy out there on Interstate 275 & be certain to allow plenty of time to obtain to where u demand to go, including ur work at All Children's Hospital.

    • Car Details: Silver TOYOTA
    • Last Seen Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, US
    Anonymous June 13, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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