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  • Observed this guy tailgating me south down Kirby through River Oaks & towards Shepherd last Wednesday, May 6, around 4:00 in the afternoon. He was desperate to obtain around me & swerved in & out of two lanes a couple of times before there was room for him to pass, however one time there was, WHOA NELLIE! He was gone! Nonetheless, he didn't really retain it up as he seemed content not to weave on Shepherd moving towards I-10, so I passed him in the vicinity of Washington ave as I just drove the speed limit & stayed in my lane. Once we received previous the freeway, he grabbed off again & blew previous me as we crossed the north bridge on Shepherd, yet one time again he smash traffic & slowed down & I just kept on moving in the left lane content to shift towards house at 11th street. Next thing I know, he's behind me again as I turn, however this time he twists into the parking lot for the large Ross Dress for Less store on 11th @ Durham, wherein I guess he went inside & bought the cheap knockoff clothing that he was undoubtedly in such a rush to go buy. Not really certain what his problem is driving, except that he speeds mindlessly when he has room & is content to tailgate when he doesn't. Cheers.

    • Car Details: white DODGE charger
    • Last Seen Location: Houston, Texas, US
    Anonymous May 09, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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