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  • This incident happend on Saturday, 3/22/08. I was at the auto wash, washing my car, as I pulled out of the auto wash, my auto died, attempted to start it again, figure the battery received disconnected, as I received out of my car, there was smoke approaching out from under the hood. As I didn't have the mobile telephone with me, I flag down a nice woman who was as well at the auto wash, politely ask if she could call 911 for me due to my hearing impaired. She phoned 911 for me, had the fire dept to come out to make certain it's not moving to start fire. And questioned her if I could call my husband to allow him know (I had a young female with me which she did the speaking to my husband for me). Few mins later, my husband didn't know where I phoned him from, so he re-dial the num that came up on his mobile phone, & the good samaritan woman responded her cell, allow me know that hubby calling for me.I just wanted to tell Thank u soo much, if it wasn't for a good samaritan, I would have lost my auto completely.The results of the smoke, I had my mechanic glance at my car, the wires connected to my battery, had a cut in it, which it received hot & melted the plastics. The firefighter cut the wires to prevent the fire happening. So new battery wires bought yesterday, mechanic will be putting it in soon, & will be glancing above my auto again to make certain nothing else go wrong, as I just received the auto fixed lol.Again, Thank u so much!!

    • Car Details: Gray KIA Sorento
    • Last Seen Location: Lakewood, Washington, US
    Anonymous March 23, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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