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  • 4:04pm - Heading north on 360 (Capital of Texas Highway) in bumper-to-bumper traffic when I noticed this guy a small vehicles ahead swerving in his lane from side to side (apparently to intimidate the hundred other vehicles in front of him) & switching lanes aggressively. I stayed with the flow of traffic and, ironically, passed him. He was blasting his music & speaking on his mobile phone. Later at the crossing of 360 & FM 2222, he ran the red light to shift west on 2222. (I noticed this in my rear-view mirror.) Fortunately, the next light turned red before he could make it through. ... Anyway, Life rarely punishes the jerks of the world, so I cherish the moments when it does. I just thought it was funny that with all of his aggressive & reckless driving, I still progressed further & more efficiently than him, & I was simply moving with the flow of traffic (neither speeding nor en voyage recklessly). ... Is it inaccurate that I enjoyed his inconvenience that much?

    • Car Details: White LINCOLN Aviator
    • Last Seen Location: Austin, Texas, US
    Anonymous December 19, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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