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  • I was en voyage north on Lincoln in the 2nd from the right lane (the right lane is buses/right twists 1 when flashing, & it was flashing). I passed 13th Ave & started to merge above when I saw out of the corner of my eye a Black Toyota Tacoma (the 1 in question) whipping & swerving previous a auto behind me moving well above the speed limit. I then had to swerve out of the way to bypass him smashing me. I laid on my horn & that's when he started to slow down & scream all sorts of crazy obscenities. He then stuck his arms out of the window & started making hand gestures of few sort. Coming up on 14th Ave I had my right blinker on (to shift to complete my normal road home), he is in front of me at this point, as soon as he saw my blinker he whipped into the turning lane & continued to yell at me. I decided to go straight rather to attempt & obtain away from him however as soon as I received previous him he zipped right back behind me in regards ten inches away. I stopped at Colfax as a result of of a red light & he's sitting behind me still carrying on & throwing his arms about. I shift right & he gets within inches if smashing my car, I then obtain into the away left lane to bypass letting him see me (didn't feel enjoy closing my motorist window however the commuter window was closed) he pulled up to the right of me & still yelled, still flashed his fingers in regards & went the same speed I went. At this point I had enough & decided to call the police. I dialed 911 & started reporting the harassment/road rage & he just sat parked next to me yelling 'BITC@ BITC# BITC(' etc...this continued for alternative 3-4 blocks (the whole time I'm on the telephone with the police), he finally slams his fists against his wheel & twists right, I was certain as heck not moving to follow him. All this as a result of he was en voyage carelessly in the 1st place & received beeped at...

    • Car Details: Black TOYOTA Tacoma 4 Door
    • Last Seen Location: Denver, Colorado, US
    Anonymous April 29, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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