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  • This just happen. I was walking with my younger son when this jackass was flying up the block moving the inaccurate way! If I didn't do my fast thinking he most likely would have smash two of us down. I snatch my son & jumped out of the way! A Good Samaritan helped my son & I up & gave me the plate number! And I am placing it on here! If would have phoned the police they would have taken at least thirty years just to come there! Hey pile of shit! If I catch time out there I will have u arrested for doing this! You big dick head!

    • Car Details: black or blue CHEVROLET Pick up with tow equipment in the back!
    • Last Seen Location: 163 street! in the bronx!, New York, US
    Anonymous July 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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