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  • I was behind this fellow on the ramp from east Colfax to north I-25. This ramp is weird; it splits to the highway onramp on the right, & Auraria Parkway on the left. Despite the signs clearly indicating which lane goes where, individuals obtain confused, smash their brakes, swerve, etc. This guy, though, knew exactly where he was moving & held a perfect line through the curves. He as well kept his foot down all the way up the ramp, matched his speed to the traffic already on the highway, slid into a existing space rather of forcing his way in, & *gasp* old his signals. Every time I saw him for the next seven miles up I-25, he was excellent, even one time moving right to allow me pass without standing by for me to crawl up his tailpipe. The topper: a bumper sticker saying 'Patriots Protect the Constitution.' His combination of en voyage skills & intelligence made my day.

    • Car Details: Red OTHER Geo Metro Convertible
    • Last Seen Location: Denver, Colorado, US
    Anonymous June 07, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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