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  • Red Geo Prism / Toyota Corolla: 2 lanes merge into 1 entering rte 101 West. I'm in the right lane, planning to merge behind the auto in the left lane. The guy behind him (the Geo) floors it & cuts me off. Fine, no problem, he's a jerk ... I can wait. But no, as soon as he's 3/4 previous me he swerves right into my lane attempting to run me off the road. Misses me by inches. This was COMPLETELY unprovoked! Mind you, I have my wife & children in the back. This 1 is as well serious for just plate wire. I'm calling this in to the Merrimack Police! I fully plan to press charges.

    • Car Details: red TOYOTA Corolla
    • Last Seen Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous April 27, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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