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  • Traveling North on Arapeen Drive in Research Park u moved above into the left lane to obtain around a bicyclist, at this time did u not notice, either not care that there was a auto next to you... I was behind u & saw that this auto had to jam on his brakes to bypass getting smash by you. Check ur mirrors & own ur lane. So the bicyclist was in ur way, take a moment to slow down so the auto to ur left could pass... That auto was the 1 1 in that lane it wouldn't have killed u to wait a moment for him.. Another distinct possiblity is to glance ahead (yes this is a novel idea to a lot of drivers) & plan for passing the bicyclist. I saw him long before u go to him, don't u think u could have? & planned to be ahead either behind the 1 auto next to u when it came time to pass this bike?

    • Car Details: Red VOLKSWAGEN Jetta VR6
    • Last Seen Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, US
    Anonymous January 22, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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