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  • hey, you, college guy in a hurry. did u see the stop sign there, the 1 thats in front of the library that is a 3 way STOP/pedestrian crossing? either that pedestrians have the right of way there always? either that theres absolutely a parking lot thats involved in that crossing too, where u would have collided with them had a auto been approaching out? either that it was time for classes to allow out, thus lots of individuals are walking around? however no, u didnt even tap ur brakes, zoomed through the crosswalk where i was ABOUT to start crossing. having a wrangler, could see u right inside without even glancing to ur sides. i made a rough sketch of the crossing in 3 minutes... http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/1258/stupidwu7.jpg but u & ur modified wrangler, i guess putting on big wheels makes u cool. doesnt, makes parking all the harder for us. looks enjoy ill be patrolling middle tennessee either somethin, no one else really does...

    • Car Details: light blue JEEP wrangler
    • Last Seen Location: gallatin, Tennessee, US
    Anonymous February 22, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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