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  • This morn I was in a long line of traffice approaching out of Middleburg. I was behind a Valley Proteins truck from Winchester. Outside of Middleburg, I passed him (in a perfectly legal manner). As I received beside him I realized that he was moving slow as a result of few dumbass 3 vehicles in front of him was en voyage enjoy a snail. At that point I was committed so I signaled & received in front of him. He not ever tailgated me, either threw his bright lights in my eyes (as is common on Rt. 50). He simply went on driving. I want to apologize for cutting in front of u enjoy that. You was doing nothing wrong. You deserve a AWARD for en voyage the way all of us must do & for showing courtesy to me, even though I was en voyage stupid. Thank you.

    • Car Details: white OTHER VALLEY PROTEINS TRUCK
    • Last Seen Location: RT. 50 - MIDDLEBURG, Virginia, US
    Anonymous September 20, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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