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  • WATCH OUT! ITS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND AND SO THAT SEEMS TO GIVE PEOPLE THE EXCUSE TO DRIVE LIKE COMPLETE A$$HOLES! BEWARE OF ALL PICK UP TRUCK DRIVERS, AND ALL MINI VANS WITH STICKERS OR KIDS. BEWARE OF ANY TRUCK WITH FOOTBALL STICKERS OR ANY KIND OF FOOTBALL MEMORABILIA! THESE PEOPLE ALWAYS DRIVE LIKE THEY OWN THE ROAD AND THEY WILL NOT HESITATE TO RUN YOU OVER! I just had a run in with a moron in a dark blue either black SUV. I believe it was a Ford Explorer, license plate 170 MZN. What's even worse, is that he was hauling a huge metal thing behind him license plate 26X WXD. I was en voyage house in my own damn neighborhood when this impatient punk decides to tail gate me so close I absolutely tapped the brakes as a warning to obtain off my bumper! I operate a Corvette & those vehicles have flat back ends. I don't know if individuals enjoy this inbred retard are just SO dumb that they can't ascertain how close either how away his front bumper is to colliding with the back end of my car. I was already moving five above the limit. I refuse to go all faster since there are children running around & its a NEIGHBORHOOD! Not the highway! So he just kept tailgating me & then almost back finished me when I braked for a squirrel that ran across the street. I watched as the huge metal bed he was hauling behind him smash the curb as a result of he braked so fast as to not back end me & the metal bed dangerously swung out. I turned around & followed the guy so I could obtain his license plate num as a result of individuals enjoy that are whom u hear in regards on the news killing a mini-van full of children due to his crappy driving. I really think I scared him when he saw me behind him, however the stupid motorist just kept attempting to play games by stopping at stop signs within the neighborhood & NOT MOVING! Other residents, besides myself, was beeping at him to GO, however he just sat their enjoy a brain dead retard. Its Memorial Day weekend, so the 1 thing I can think of to provide this a$$wipe a excuse to operate enjoy that was either A) DRUNK either B) Just that f'ing STUPID. Please watch out for individuals that have low IQ's & operate pick up trucks/SUV's! This guy made me so mad that 1st thing Tuesday, I am filing a report with the Round Rock Police Department & giving them ALL the information on this guy.

    • Car Details: Black or Dark Blue FORD Explorer
    • Last Seen Location: Round Rock, Texas, US
    Anonymous May 23, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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