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  • I was headed Eastbound on I84 in the left lane moving previous exit 63. This guy in a blue GMC pickup cuts above from the right lane from the on-ramp for exit 63 in a very short time & squeezes his truck in between my auto & the 1 in front of me. There wasn't a whole lot of room to begin with as traffic was slowing down. I beeped my horn at the guy - albeit not a long blast (like laying on the horn). This guy immediately became irate & I could see him flipping me the bird through his back window. Now, I am getting ready to move above to the right as my exit is approaching up soon. I am not moving to lie - I flipped him the bird on the way by as he was stuck in the left lane & the right lanes was freed up. Then, he received behind me. At this point, I knew I had a problem as I thought I was moving to obtain followed. Sure as sh!t, this guy gets off with me at my exit. I just received right back on the freeway going in the opposite direction & received off a couple of exits down. I am undoubtedly still being followed, however knew I couldn't retain moving for long without a stop light either other traffic interference. I finished up stopping for a light, & the guy jumps out of his truck, comes up to my rolled up window, pounds one time (ignoring me waving my mobile phone), & says, 'I received ur number. I am moving to obtain u at ur house'! I can't see how he could 'get me at my house' unless he continued to follow me there (if I was that dumb to allow him), either if he had a cops buddy that would willingly provide that information. After this, the guy screeched off & received back on the freeway as I was making the 911 call. I just finished making a cops report with a very cooperative Vernon, CT cops officer. Why is it that individuals who make dangerous maneuvers on the way obtain pissed (especially to this degree either worse) when they are in the inaccurate & few someone honks at them?

    • Car Details: Blue GMC Sierra
    • Last Seen Location: Manchester/Vernon, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous October 03, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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