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  • At 5:45pm, Monday afternoon. Rush hour city traffic bumper to bumper. In front of seventy five State Street in Boston. Green Subaru Outback, MA 16N P17 This car was noticed merging into the right lane of traffic after being in the parked position curbside. I can hear u saying, what's the big deal with that? Well, lets start off with not signalling. Yes, just pulled above to the left & stuck his left front between me & the auto in front of me. Now that happens to me alot as a result of I enjoy to leave few space between me & the auto in front, oh well. If few someone signals I don't mind letting them in, we are really not moving anyplace as well fast, But the reason this ignorant bozo didn't signal was as a result of he was glancing at his cellphone, thats right, looking. Just flippped it opened while he was cutting me off & glanced at it enjoy a cheap hooker glancing into a compact mirror to make certain her lipstick was ok. At that moment this motorist was more concerned with operating his telephone than he was operating a motorvehicle. Why? Turn ur tricks someplace else Green Subaru Outback, MA 16N P17. Your ruining a nice neighborhood. Signal ur twists & don't use ur cellphone while operating a motorvehicle.

    • Car Details: Green SUBARU Outback
    • Last Seen Location: Boston, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous April 23, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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