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  • Drive slow, much? I don't know if it's as a result of it is a Monday either what, however it seems I encountered a lot of individuals this morn moving in slow motion. You was en voyage west on Forsyth & we had just turned off of north Big Bend. I was right behind you. The speed limit down Forsyth is 30mph. You was en voyage between 23 & 25mph for no apparent reason. There was no bikers present. There was no children present. In fact, there really wasn't much moving on around us. The real irony in ur seeming quest to not even remotely disobey the law showed up when, as we approached Forest Park Parkway, u blazed right through the red stoplight there. BTW, if you'd have been en voyage the speed limit, we'd have two made the light while it was green with no problem. Not that this light is really a inconvenience as a result of it 1 stays red for in regards fifteen seconds, however I was thoroughly amused that u continued en voyage 23-25mph right through the red light. Let me guess, u was on a mobile phone.

    • Car Details: black SATURN
    • Last Seen Location: Clayton, Missouri, US
    Anonymous June 11, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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