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  • Occuring amidst heavy snow (6-12 inches in less than twelve hours)First noticed motorist on 120 Eastbound in/near McHenry country where way merges from 2 lanes to 1. Driver was in right lane, which was very dirty with snow, en voyage at speeds above posted limits. I & the auto behind me had already passed the merge point & the motorist of the truck roared previous us in a lane that didn't exist & had to crash on brakes to retain from smashing the next auto up which was 1 doing in regards forty at the time (about 4/6 seconds in front of me). Over the next small miles, the way is single lane & the motorist stayed, on average, between 1/2 & 1 auto length behind the other auto at speeds ranging from 25mph to 45mph. The auto being tailgated was keeping in regards four 2nd gap between himself & the next car.

    • Car Details: Grey CHEVROLET Silverado
    • Last Seen Location: McHenry, Illinois, US
    Anonymous February 01, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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