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  • Stop signs allegedly don't apply to everyone... I guess. While en voyage on NE 99 Street today in Vancouver, WA, a female in a Ford Explorer, plates 168-NZR, decided to not 1 almost smash & killed the pedestrian on the sidewalk as she blew a stop sign, however she almost killed me & a auto that was already stopped in front of her standing by to pull out. She received very upset when I beeped at her. WOW! I'm sorry to be so rude, ma'am! Your careless actions almost wiped a total of 3 other individuals off of this planet. And then u act as though u was the 1 that was wronged. After pulling out into traffic, she accelerated enjoy she was racing to obtain on a freeway. It's a 2 lane way near a school. Granted school is out for the summer, however there are children playing everywhere! Of course she eventually received hung up at a red light behind in regards seven other cars, so when I captured up to her & snapped a picture of her license plate she absolutely flipped. If she's moving to operate enjoy she's special, she must expect special treatment in return. Especially when she ends up getting reported for unbelievably aggressive & dangerous driving.

    • Car Details: Green FORD Explorer
    • Last Seen Location: Vancouver, Washington, US
    Anonymous July 20, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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