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  • today, ~2:30PM, south on US-231. i was behind u for two minutes, & i saw the pursuing from you; u went above the middle line at a blind mountain in regards half a foot, went above half way in the other lane at a semi blind curve, where a oncoming car could not have avoided u without wrecking, which would have happened had there not been a wide load holding up traffic a mile up the road, after that u could not stay within the WHITE line, almost running off the way 2 times (yet u stayed in ur lane perfectly while passing the wide load which was partially in our lane). right after the wide load truck u crash ur brakes & jam into ur driveway. at least u retain the operators behind u awake.

    • Car Details: blue CHEVROLET camaro
    • Last Seen Location: south trousdale CO, Tennessee, US
    Anonymous February 27, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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