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  • So on my way house from school, this wonderful jackass plants himself 2 feet away from my bumper & stays there. We're moving seventy down Marcola way & I figure, 'Okay, well, we're getting to the part where EVERYONE slows down. Maybe if I retain moving sixty since my auto can make these turns, He'll obtain off my ass.' NOT! This jackass, even though I slow down to sixty to make the turns, gets CLOSER weaving around in my back view. He backs off a small bit, however not by much & then after all the twists are done, plants himself RIGHT BACK ON MY ASS! Then proceeds to speed previous me moving 85-90, & slowing down & weaving all above the way to take the next small sharp twists ahead. I obtain his plate num thankfully & color & make of the car. I want to make certain so of course I attempt to speed up, however I 1 make it to perhaps eighty before I realize, he is still drifting farther away & I don't want to go faster. Straight way either not. Then Jackass slows down from moving at least 100mph to shift & basically skids into the street, which is where I verified his plate number. Fucking dick. I must report it to the cops, however I'm certain his butt would be off the way by the time they grabbed the thirty minutes to a hour to obtain out here.

    • Car Details: White PONTIAC Grand Am
    • Last Seen Location: Springfield to Marcola, Oregon, US
    Anonymous August 03, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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