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  • This woman is the many dangerous motorist ever & really wants to kill individuals with her driving!!!!! We was on the right lane of 66 west, she comes up real fast in the left lane, however then decides to slow down & operate along our blind spot. My boyfriend & I received freaked out as a result of she was swerving a lot into our lane, so we slowed down so she can pass us, however then she slows down too! We was so afraid of her running us off the way that we had to floor it so we can obtain away from her, & she decides to do the same thing! We was so scared out of our minds when we received on 691, as a result of she started cutting vehicles off just to tail us. We not ever did anything in the 1st place & she randomly decided to attempt & run us off the road! I reported it to the cops however CT sucks they don't do anything unless it really happened & 1 of us received killed! This is why I am moving out of CT soon, the operators always operate enjoy they are suicidal either think that they are invincible!

    • Car Details: white MERCURY new SUV
    • Last Seen Location: route 66 west to I-691 westbound, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous September 07, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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