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  • Dwunk Dwiver? Probably not, however the guy was all above the way & just seemed to drift in & out of traffic (not racing, either weaving, just would drift into the auto next to him which would either speed up to bypass being hit, either slow down & swerve around him to, again, bypass being hit. This motorist also, in the course I was watching, cut off a small vehicles, 1 here, a small feet later, drifts into the next lane to cut off alternative driver. No shift signals...he had to much on his mind apparantly.He had done this for a small miles, then seemed to 'wake up' & operate normal...until he jumped toward I-55 North...I headed South thankfully.

    • Car Details: Silver MERCEDES BENZ S430
    • Last Seen Location: Willowbrook, Illinois, US
    Anonymous May 10, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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