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  • This woman comes flying down the left lane on Rt. 3 South before Drum Hill at in regards ninety MPH in moderate morn traffic. I had just moved into the left lane to pass slower traffic & joined the line in the left when I see this she-bitch approaching from in regards 1/4 mile away & just comes flying up my butt & riding my bumper. All 3 lanes was busy up until Rt 110. As traffic in the right lanes move above to exit she starts twitching across all 3 lanes (left to away right) & eventually goes flying down the way in the left again in regards ten auto lengths away where I see her ride the next car's bumper.Listen miss brunette with the Walmart sunglasses - u really must consider the fact that you're a nut.

    • Car Details: Silver CHEVROLET SUV Trailblazer
    • Last Seen Location: Chelmsford, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous February 27, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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