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  • To the U-turner at Douglas & Merle Hay on 03/10:My favorite wire yet. When u realize you're having no luck turning left on a major urban street, u head on to 1 of the busiest intersections in Des Moines & pull a U-turn. And of course a motorist (with shift signals on to shift right) comes to a screeching stop to bypass getting killed (and possibly other family members). Didn't directly involve me, I was in the lane next to u watching the de-evolution of the human race play out in front of me. You are the lowest common denominator of Iowa drivers, & a further proof that the Motor Vehicle Division is doing 1 heck of a crappy job, handing out licenses to Krusty the Frigging Clowns enjoy yourself.

    • Car Details: Silver OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Des Moines, Iowa, US
    Anonymous March 11, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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