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  • On the way into occupation on the upper end of 128 southbound, I witnessed this guy weaving at a high rate of speed in heavy (but moving) hurry hour traffic. Easily twenty MPH faster than all else until he had to come to a quick halt, tailgate, switch lanes abruptly, & speed off again...repeat cycle. I hadn't seen that level of aggressiveness in a while. I was surprised to see few someone else just as aggressive on the way house north on the same stretch of 128 in the exact same manner as this morning's driver...until I realized it was the exact same car/license plate. Incredible. He is moving to cause a fatal accident if he continues that up.

    • Car Details: Black SUBARU
    • Last Seen Location: Woburn, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous October 23, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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