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  • She was speaking on her mobile telephone en voyage in regards ten to fifteen MPH in the parking lot of McDonald's. She smash me (me= individual crossing the parking lot) & did not stop till I was on the hood of her 'nice new' SUV, I fell off & down on the ground! When I received up she rolled down the window & spoke 'sorry!' she did not even take the time to provide me her information. But I received the plate! Nice to see u leave the scene of the accident! She was just to busy to stop & see if I was alright! Well I'm NOT! Maybe u could have put the mobile telephone down. It would have been nice if it would of been a kid!

    • Car Details: RED JEEP SUV
    • Last Seen Location: Morehead City, North Carolina, US
    Anonymous April 02, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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